Friar William "Bill" Short addressing questions regarding the Franciscan Order with NEH Landmarks Scholars in 2013
Acclaimed historian Dr. Douglas Monroy interacting with NEH Landmarks scholars in 2013
Lesson Plans K-3

This collection of K-12 Instructional Resources includes Landmarks guides, keyword lists, glossaries, and other information addressing Native Californians, Missions, Presidios, and Pueblos of the Spanish,  Mexican, and early American eras.

Lesson Plans 7-8

The attached K-12 Lesson Plans were drafted by NEH Summer Scholars participating in Workshop Weeks 1 and 2, convened July 2013. Lessons span the social sciences, languages, art history, etcetera.

Lesson Plans 4-6

Educators are encouraged to draw from this assortment of K-12 instructional activities in PDF document, multimedia, and other forms spanning Native Californian, Hispanic / Mexican, and Early American traditions and life ways.

Lesson Plans 9-12

Questions and FAQs included here were solicited from NEH Summer Scholars participating in the July 2013 NEH program. This assortment of questions spans every imaginable issue concerning the California missions.