Guiding Questions — European Colonialism

European Colonial Interactions

1. In  what  ways  did  missions  in  California  interact  with  other  peoples  coming to the area from countries such as Russia and England?

2. Why were the Spanish and other Europeans so sure of an actual Northwest Passage existing?

3. How much influence did the Russians have on the area and how much of a threat was Russian control of the area to warrant the Spanish building the missions?

4. How did the presence the Russia, England, and other explorers impact the development of the Missions and Presidios?

5. How  do  the experiences  of the Spanish and Native Americans  in California  compare to  other encounters between Europeans and non-­Europeans during this period?

6. How did the settling of the Pacific Northwest by the Spanish affect, if at all, global economies? What role did it play, if any, in the Colombian Exchange?

7. At Fort Ross, the Russians are given credit for creating a buffer for the natives against the Spanish expansion; at Mission San Rafael, just the opposite. Is there good evidence for either claim?