Guiding Questions / FAQs


The following themes are linked to questions solicited from the Teacher/Scholars who participated in the NEH Landmarks “Fourteenth Colony” workshops convened at Monterey in the Summer 2013.  Each week’s respective cohort produced questions in advance of the workshop that then served as the basis for guiding discussion and the development of lesson plans generated, and linked under Lesson Plans in the Teacher Resource Center.  Transcript of all questions courtesy Ms. Jennifer Lucido, CSU Sonoma.

Fourteenth Colony Themes

  1. Instructional Considerations / In-class activities

  2. Native Californians and the Missions

  3. Daily Life in the Missions

  4. Religion in the Missions

  5. Language in the Missions

  6. Mission Architecture and Construction

  7. Women and Children in the Missions

  8. Presidio Forts / Hispanic Life

  9. Mythic Constructs and Historical Memory

  10. Mission Crafts and Technologies

  11. Primary Source Documents

  12. Mission Art and Music

  13. Mission Agriculture and Livestock

  14. Secularization of the Missions / Mexican Era / American Era

  15. European Colonial Interaction

  16. British versus Spanish Colonialism

  17. The Missions Today

  18. Culture Change and Contact / Long-term Impacts / Mission Legacies