Guiding Questions — Mission Agriculture

Mission Agriculture and Livestock

1. As  the  missions  established  a  base  for  Spanish  colonization,  how  extensive  were  the landholdings  of  Spanish settlers  for ranching?

2. Were these land grants  made by the  mission authorities or by the Spanish crown?

3. What specific native plants and animals were lost due to the introduction of the livestock of the missions?

4. Are there are writings from this time that talk about the animal life along the California coast?

5. Did the missionaries at the missions/presidios spend any time studying wildlife?

6. What was grown in a typical mission garden?

7. What is the current situation regarding the propagation of heritage plants that still exist from the time of the padres?

8. While living in the missions did the Indians plant crops on large areas or did they just grow enough crops to support themselves and the people living there?