Guiding Questions — Mission Lifeways

Daily Life in the Missions

1. How much communication took place between the missions on a day to day basis?

2. In what ways were  the lives of the Native Americans changed (both positive and negative) by the Spanish missionaries?

3. What elements were most important in establishing a successful mission?

4. What was the atmosphere like  at the height  of the Missions? Within the Missions themselves and the surrounding areas?

5. I have not read anything about the family unit in the missions. Did the missionaries encourage or foster the family unit or did they only work with individuals?

6. What are the various types of archaeological artifacts that have been found in the area?

7. Were skills of the native Californians valued by the padres? If so, which were most highly prized?

8. Were native Californians involved in the management of the mission or did they only provide physical labor?

9. Because the missionaries felt manual labor was so important to maintain discipline, wouldn’t this be considered a form of slave labor?

10. What were some of the challenges the padres, soldiers, and others faced in establishing the four missions we will be visiting?

11. What was the relationship between the missions, particularly the ones we will be visiting? Was there trading and communication between the missions or were they more self-reliant/self-contained?

12. Did the Missions always treat people like they did in California or was it only for the ones that they conquered?