Guiding Questions — Women and Children

Women and Children in the Missions

1. What would a child’s life on a mission be like? Are there any remaining artifacts or accounts that may help recreate this experience for my students?

2. Typically, women’s (and children’s) stories in history have not been documented as much. Are there any journals from women living in the missions to offer their perspective?

3. What was the life of a child  like for  both neophyte  boys and girls and was it different from the other children?

4. When did the first women settlers come to Monterey?

5. What was the role of the Indian healing women within the mission culture? Were they able to continue their healing practices under the church’s rule?

6. Alta California’s Colonial History includes abundant references to the contributions made by men at  all  levels.  Are  there  any  notable  women  during  the  Colonial  or  Mexican Periods that  can complement this narrative?  I teach high school students who are sure to note the absence to contributions by women.

7. Were  there  any differences in  the treatment  of the Native American children,  women and the men at the missions? Did women and children receive better treatment?