The following photographs constitute but a sampling of the variety of invaluable historic images available in most California missions archives.  In this instance, funding from the Louise M. Davies Foundation, and the Charles D. and Frances K. Field Fund, administered by Mr. Philip Hudner made possible the scanning and digital preservation of the whole of the Old Mission Archives of San Juan Bautista, California.  All images were cataloged and scanned by the students of the SJB Mission Conservation Program directed by Professor Ruben Mendoza. Place your cursor over each individual photograph in order to obtain information identifying said photograph.  By clicking on the image, you can view a higher resolution of the same image.


Fig05_417.2005.01.1058 2_SnJuanBautistaFig02_417.2005.01.2841 Fig06_417.2005.01.1222Fig04_417.2005.01.1355 Fig10_417.2005.01.2505 Fig11_417.2005.01.1361Fig03_417.2005.01.1220 Fig03_417.2005.01.0380 417.2005.01.1003Fig12_417.2005.01.1059 Fig09_417.2005.01.2533 417.2005.01.2523 417.2005.01.2528Fig15_417.2005.01.2040 Fig14_417.2005.01.1274IMG_2250 sjbPadresHouse_Hutton1847