Guiding Questions — Mission Architecture

Mission Architecture and Construction

1. What  influence  did  indigenous  people  have  on  art  and  architecture  in  the  building  of  the missions?

2. How did the early Spanish missions in California differ from early Florida missions in architecture and building materials?

3. If there were indeed differences between the missions of Spanish Florida and California, what were the reasons or causes? Was the red tile roof also used in Florida? If not, why?

4. If both Mission San Carlos and the Royal Presidio Chapel were both constructed of cut sandstone, where does the misconception that “all the Missions are made of adobe” come from?  Are the majority of the remaining sites adobe?

5. What  deeper  meanings  are  exposed  when  moot  details,  such  as  artifacts  and  method  of construction, are explored about a particular mission?

6. Are  there  laws  which  regulate  the  types  of  changes  and  renovations which can be made  to missions currently being used as parishes?