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Instructional Resources

This collection of K-12 Instructional Resources includes Landmarks guides, keyword lists, glossaries, and other information addressing Native Californians, Missions, Presidios, and Pueblos of the Spanish,  Mexican, and early American eras.

Sample Lesson Plans

The attached K-12 Lesson Plans were drafted by NEH Summer Scholars participating in Workshop Weeks 1 and 2, convened July 2013. Lessons span the social sciences, languages, art history, etcetera.

Proposed Activities

Educators are encouraged to draw from this assortment of K-12 instructional activities in PDF document, multimedia, and other forms spanning Native Californian, Hispanic / Mexican, and Early American traditions and life ways.

Guiding Questions / FAQs

Questions and FAQs included here were solicited from NEH Summer Scholars participating in the July 2013 NEH program. This assortment of questions spans every imaginable issue concerning the California missions.