Guiding Questions — Mythic Constructs

Mythic Constructs and Historical Memory

1. What is the best approach for school students to counteract the “romantic image” that has been promoted about missions?

2. How historically accurate or inaccurate were these stories about Zorro, and is the character based on a historical figure or pure fiction?

3. How does the  Ramona  story fit with the northern California missions, or is it mostly related to southern  California?

4. In  addition,  does  northern  California  have  a  similar  notion  as  southern California  that  they  embrace  the  Spanish  or  more  European  culture  as  an  influence  to California’s culture and not embracing the Mexican culture as much?

5. The Missions catalyzed romantic myths and stereotypes of Native Americans.  How might Indian casinos now be doing the same?