NEH Project Interns

A host of CSU Monterey Bay student interns worked to assure that the day to day activities and technical needs of the July 2013 NEH Landmarks program were fully and effectively supported.

NEH Project Interns

Cinthia Campos is a graduate of California State University Monterey Bay’s Archaeology program. She has participated in numerous excavation projects within the California Missions as well as ethnographic research in Leon, Spain. She plans to continue her education in Graduate school within the sub-field of bioarchaeology. Cinthia hopes to one day excavate the tombs in ancient Mesoamerica and learn more about these great societies.

Lauren Ellis is an alumni of CSU Monterey Bay. During her time at CSU Monterey Bay, she was a student assistant for Academic & Career Advising and the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Lauren loved being a part of the programming for many events and enjoyed being a part of the CSU Monterey Bay family. After completion of her Bachelors in Psychology, she was accepted to Santa Clara University’s Masters in Counseling Psychology program. Lauren is a full time student, and works for Santa Clara University while volunteering for different health organizations within the Bay Area. Lauren’s objective is to obtain a license in Marriage Family Therapy, with expertise working with children, adolescents, and young adults battling obesity.

Margo Flitcraft graduated from the Teledramatic Arts & Technology at California State University, Monterey Bay in spring 2013. She is the writer, director, and post production editor of Please Tell Someone, Dear (2013).  Her film was accepted into the Timecode: NOLA Film Fest 2 in New Orleans and premiered there in September of 2013. The film is also in consideration at many other festivals around the world, including the 30th annual Sundance Film Festival in January of 2014.

Jewel-Sean Gentry coordinated those student interns participating in the NEH Landmarks workshops convened in July 2013.  He is a student of the Integrated Studies program at CSU Monterey Bay, and supported the videography by way of coordinating student assistants charged with preparing those Faculty and Scholar interviews featured herein.

Maya Hadash is a graduate of the CSU Monterey Bay Archaeology program. She has participated in a host of archaeological investigations within the California Missions, and plans to continue her archaeological pursuits in Graduate School. Maya seeks to one day settle into a position within a museum where she can bring the wonders of history to a public forum.

Nicole Peaty studies Cinematic Arts and Technology at California State University, Monterey Bay. She has undertaken work as the assistant editor and assistant director on the recent film project Please Tell Someone, Dear (2013) produced at CSU Monterey Bay. Ms. Peaty intends to continue her work with documentary film-making and editing in the future.

Stacey Perry studies Photography and Museum Studies within the Visual and Public Arts department at California State University, Monterey Bay. Developing traditional photographic projects and independent studies, she intends to continue education after graduation as a photographer and writer.

Martin Wilson is a student of Cultural Anthropology and Political Economy in the Social, Behavioral and Global Studies program of the California State University, Monterey Bay.  He served as a student volunteer, and project intern, of the NEH Landmarks program convened during the summer of 2013.  He is actively involved with the Your Siblings and the Room to Read programs, international advocacy and development organizations, and in fundraising efforts and campaign organizing. Martin plans to pursue a PhD in Applied Anthropology or Philosophy in order to further studies of online sub-cultures, contemporary political activism, and innovative approaches to international economic development.